Nanotechnology and Materials Science

We take students on a journey in the world of materials, with Nanotechnology and Materials Science education. The training focuses on how the atomic structure of materials affects the mechanical, magnetic, optical and chemical properties of materials.

Students will observe how atomic structure and nanostructure, properties, performance and processes are interrelated with each other, and will be informed about advanced characterization methods such as electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy within the scope of this course. How science and engineering are inspired by nature will be examined closely with examples and these observations will be used throughout the education. Students will have learnt the properties of nano-sized materials, the scientific facts behind these properties and various application areas at the end of the education. It is aimed that students will have learning outcome to make basic comments on nanotechnology and materials science. The planned education duration is 7 weeks.  Students will have the opportunity to practice what they have learned through various projects, experiments and assignments during the education. Sample project subjects are indicated below.

Nanotechnology and Materials Science education is conducted face to face.

Atomic and Nano Structure

Electron Microscope

Atomic Force Microscope


Nanomaterials and Usage Areas

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